NOTE--Arranged in accordance with the first significant character or word of the name
(in accordance with city and telephone directory practice).

A. Kayser Automotive Systems GmbH: See--
Bielass, Ekkehard 08484970 Cl. 60-611.
AAA Sales & Engineering, Inc.: See--
Heyden, Thomas J.; and Reitz, Gregory P. 08485105 Cl. 104-249.
Heyden, Thomas J.; Reitz, Gregory P.; Hooper, John A.; Ziese, Lowell B.; and Thomas, Jim 08485107 Cl. 104-249.
Aakre, Haavard: See--
Mathiesen, Vidar; and Aakre, Haavard 08485258 Cl. 166-305.1.
Aalbersberg, IJsbrand Jan: See--
McBeath, Darin; Stipdonk, Stephan; El Aisati, M'Hamed; Kalff, Robbertjan; and Aalbersberg, IJsbrand Jan 08489630 Cl. 707-769.
Aaron, Jeffrey; and Ruckart, John, to AT&T Intellectual Property I, L.P. Geocaching games having virtual prizes awarded in an associated video game and related methods and computer program products 08485878 Cl. 463-6.
Aaskov, Michael: See--
Swan, Johnny; Borland, Andrew; Rogers, David; and Aaskov, Michael 08485686 Cl. 362-231.
Ab Initio Technology LLC: See--
Kulkarni, Vrishal; Schmidt, Stephen; Stanfill, Craig W.; and Vishniac, Ephraim Meriwether 08489553 Cl. 707-640.
AB SKF: See--
Vom Stein, Hans-Joachim; Korte, Wolfgang; and Stojek, Marcus 08485926 Cl. 474-206.
Abadie, Tabare E.: See--
Hausmann, Neil J.; Abadie, Tabare E.; Cooper, Mark; LaFitte, Honor R.; and Schussler, Jeffrey R. 08488865 Cl. 382-141.
Abatchev, Mirzafer K.; and Sandhu, Gurtej, to Micron Technology, Inc. Mask material conversion 08486610 Cl. 430-313.
ABB AB: See--
Forsström, Göran 08487737 Cl. 340-3.1.
ABB Inc.: See--
Starr, Kevin Dale; Mast, Timothy Andrew; and Garverick, Robert Trent 08489209 Cl. 700-52.
ABB Oy: See--
Helosvuori, Juhani; Mäkelä, Marjukka; Seväkivi, Pertti; Asikainen, Mika; and Isaksson, Petri D0686158 Cl. D13-123.
ABB Research Ltd.: See--
Jansson, Ulf; and Lewin, Erik 08487201 Cl. 200-270.
Serpa, Leonardo-Augusto; Canales, Francisco; Ho, Ngai-Man; and Coccia, Antonio 08488351 Cl. 363-80.
ABB S.p.A.: See--
Scola, Edoardo; and Zanchi, Eligio 08487204 Cl. 218-157.
ABB Technology AG: See--
Bardi, Silvia; and Astolfi, Alessandro 08489241 Cl. 700-274.
Hackbarth, Anke; Budde, Christoph; Mechler, Günther; Chladny, Ryan; Breisch, Sebastian; Soetebier, Sven; and Staffas, Daniel 08487202 Cl. 200-400.
Abbadi, Amine: See--
Renz, Andreas; Heinz, Ernst; Abbadi, Amine; Domergue, Frederic; and Zank, Thorsten 08486671 Cl. 435-134.
Abbas, Husain; Al-Salloum, Yousef A.; Alsayed, Saleh H.; and Alhaddad, Mohammed S., to King Saud University System for improving fire endurance of concrete-filled steel tubular columns 08484915 Cl. 52-223.4.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.: See--
Ludwig, Florian N.; and Basu, Shubhayu 08486022 Cl. 604-164.01.
Michal, Eugene; Trollsas, Olof Mikael; and Basu, Shubhayu 08486386 Cl. 424-93.7.
Michal, Eugene; Trollsas, Olof Mikael; and Basu, Shubhayu 08486387 Cl. 424-93.7.
Wang, Yunbing; Castro, Daniel A.; and Pacetti, Stephen D. 08486482 Cl. 427-2.1.
Wang, Yunbing; Gale, David C.; Huang, Bin; Trollsas, Mikael O.; Glauser, Thierry; and Ludwig, Florian 08486135 Cl. 623-1.49.
Abbott, Charles Randolph: See--
McCourt, Mark D.; Zhu, Haihong; Orndorff, Michael Brace; Roberts, Jevawn Sebastian; and Abbott, Charles Randolph 08485792 Cl. 417-53.
Abbott GmbH & Co., KG: See--
Berndl, Gunther; Degenhardt, Matthias; Mäegerlein, Markus; and Dispersyn, Gerrit 08486456 Cl. 424-489.
Drescher, Karla; Haupt, Andreas; Unger, Liliane; Turner, Sean C.; Braje, Wilfried; and Grandel, Roland 08486984 Cl. 514-394.
Genesle, Herve; Oost, Thorsten; Hutchins, Charles W.; Unger, Liliane; Hornberger, Wilfried; Lubisch, Wilfried; Netz, Astrid; and Wernet, deceased, Wolfgang 08486931 Cl. 514-218.
Abbott, Kenneth H.; Freedman, Joshua M.; Newell, Dan; and Robarts, James O., to Microsoft Corporation Supplying notifications related to supply and consumption of user context data 08489997 Cl. 715-744.
Abbott Laboratories: See--
Blackwell, Gregory A.; Fritchie, Patrick P.; Rajagopal, Ganesh; and Whitt, James W. 08486346 Cl. 422-408.
Jen, Jimmy; Lasser, Amelia; Shumer, Daniel H.; Hahn, Juergen Anton; Schneider, Ralph; and Grathwohl, Hartmut 08486128 Cl. 623-1.11.
Abbott, Martyn Stuart: See--
White, Gale; Hill, Roger J.; Zakrewski, Michael J.; Kummerlen, Ruth; Abbott, Martyn Stuart; and Brooks, Robert C. 08486019 Cl. 604-151.
Abbott Medical Optics Inc.: See--
Bumbalough, Timothy R.; Jain, Rakhi; Catlin, Scott J.; and Yorita, Tamara J. 08486142 Cl. 623-6.46.
Lang, Alan J.; and Zhao, Huawei 08486141 Cl. 623-6.31.
Abbott Point of Care Inc.: See--
Campbell, John Lewis Emerson; and Davis, Graham 08486721 Cl. 436-526.
AbbVie Inc.: See--
Borchardt, Thomas B. 08486988 Cl. 514-407.
Gomtsyan, Arthur R.; Bayburt, Erol K.; Koenig, John R.; Lee, Chih-Hung; Schmidt, Robert G.; Lukin, Kirill A.; Chambournier, Gilles; Hsu, Margaret Chi-Ping; Leanna, Robert M.; and Cink, Russell D. 08487116 Cl. 548-361.1.
Ji, Jianguo; Lee, Chih-Hung; Sippy, Kevin B.; Li, Tao; and Gopalakrishnan, Murali 08486979 Cl. 514-364.
Wang, Gary T.; Mantei, Robert A.; Erickson, Scott A.; Fidanze, Steve D.; Sheppard, George S.; Wang, Jieyi; and Bell, Randy L. 08486933 Cl. 514-228.2.
Abdallah, Muhammad E; Platt, Jr., Robert J.; Reiland, Matthew J; Hargrave, Brian; Diftler, Myron A; Strawser, Philip A; and Ihrke, Chris A., to GM Global Technology Operations LLC Robust operation of tendon-driven robot fingers using force and position-based control laws 08489239 Cl. 700-260.
Abdullah, Mohd Amir Fursan: See--
Adang, Michael J.; and Abdullah, Mohd Amir Fursan 08486887 Cl. 514-4.5.
Abe, Hideki: See--
Kawase, Tomonori; and Abe, Hideki D0686157 Cl. D13-119.
Kuroyanagi, Takao; and Abe, Hideki 08485275 Cl. 173-216.
Abe, Katsumi: See--
Nagai, Shinya; Takesue, Atsushi; Koike, Makoto; Abe, Katsumi; and Nakajima, Takehiro 08486594 Cl. 430-58.8.
Abe, Katsuyuki: See--
Kasahara, Takashi; Abe, Katsuyuki; and Kusaka, Kenichi 08488248 Cl. 359-658.
Abe, Koichi: See--
Aono, Shigenori; Abe, Koichi; and Takeda, Keigo 08486225 Cl. 162-49.
Abe, Norimitsu; Kobayashi, Shinji; Ide, Takeshi; Yoshizawa, Naoto; Shirota, Akihiko; and Soma, Takahiro, to Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Ultraviolet irradiation system 08487267 Cl. 250-372.
Abe, Noriyuki; Akutsu, Shigemitsu; and Okada, Yoshio, to Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Power plant 08485290 Cl. 180-65.21.
Abe, Satoshi: See--
Fuwa, Isao; Yoshida, Norio; and Abe, Satoshi 08486490 Cl. 427-327.
Abe, Shingo: See--
Sato, Naotaka; Abe, Shingo; Shimizu, Yoshinori; and Shiraishi, Kunio 08488853 Cl. 382-128.
Abe, Takaaki: See--
Inoue, Masutaka; Tanase, Susumu; and Abe, Takaaki 08487953 Cl. 345-591.
Abe, Yasushi; to Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. Semiconductor drive device 08487668 Cl. 327-109.
Abel, Jeremy A.: See--
Gilboe, Kevin J.; Pan, Angela L.; Thompson, Craig D.; Nettenstrom, Matthew J.; Peart, Justin B.; Abel, Jeremy A.; and McKeon, Thomas M. D0686021 Cl. D6-574.
Abel Noser Solutions, Ltd.: See--
Noser, Eugene; Stewart, Bruce; and Thomas, John T. 08489490 Cl. 705-37.
Abeloe, Kenneth A.; to Virginia Venture Industries, LLC Methods and apparatuses for printing three dimensional images 08488197 Cl. 358-1.9.
Aberra, Ezana Hailekiros; to Microchip Technology Incorporated Thermocouple electromotive force voltage to temperature converter with integrated cold-junction compensation and linearization 08485724 Cl. 374-181.
Abhishek, Kumar: See--
Gupta, Sunny; Abhishek, Kumar; Kamal, Kushal; and Sinha, Samaksh 08487805 Cl. 341-163.
Abiomed, Inc.: See--
Zarinetchi, Farhad; and Bailey, Anthony W. 08489200 Cl. 607-61.
ABL IP Holding, LLC: See--
Ngai, Peter Y. Y. 08485700 Cl. 362-404.
Abloy Oy: See--
Kiiski, Seppo 08485006 Cl. 70-366.
Abraham, John P.: See--
Monson, Robert J.; and Abraham, John P. 08484974 Cl. 60-641.8.
Abrams, Kenneth A. Container reclosure device having a flexible band 08485380 Cl. 220-212.
Abrams, Vincent D.: See--
Riley, Louis F.; and Abrams, Vincent D. 08484879 Cl. 42-115.
Abramson, Sandra; Sinha, Raj; Frissora, Anthony; Stevens, Matt; and Balasaygun, Mehmet, to Avaya Inc. Drag and drop importation of content 08489646 Cl. 707-802.
Abramson, Sandy; Frissora, Anthony; and Sinha, Raj, to Avaya Inc. Call routing or escalation based on the identity, role or urgency of the calling or communicating party 08488760 Cl. 379-142.01.
Abratowski, Przemyslaw: See--
Steele, Joel Paul; and Abratowski, Przemyslaw D0686241 Cl. D14-489.
Abrigo, Luciano; and Villa, Renzo, to Sapsa Bedding S.R.L. Process and plant for the continuous manufacturing of at least a layer of latex foam with recesses 08486316 Cl. 264-46.5.
Abu Shmeis, Rama Ali; Kowalski, James; Krill, Steven L.; Parthiban, Lakshman Jayanth; and Wang, Zeren, to Novartis AG Pharmaceutical formulation 08486447 Cl. 424-464.
Abuelsaad, Tamer E.; Gilzean, Candice B.; Subramanian, Munisamy; and Aymar, Kelly, to International Business Machines Corporation Providing cellular telephone subscription for e-mail threads 08489690 Cl. 709-206.
Academia Sinica: See--
Wong, Chi-Huey; Yu, Alice L.; Yang, Wen-Bin; Fan, Eugene; Hsu, Hsien-Yeh; Lee, Peishan; Tu, Tseng-Rong; and Hung, Chin-Chung 08486914 Cl. 514-54.
Accapadi, Mathew; Davidson, II, Grover Cleveland; Michel, Dirk; and Olszewski, Bret Ronald, to International Business Machines Corporation Selective memory compression for multi-threaded applications 08489824 Cl. 711-147.
Acceleron Pharma, Inc.: See--
Knopf, John; and Seehra, Jasbir 08486403 Cl. 424-142.1.
AcCells Technologies (2009), Ltd.: See--
Weiner, Avish Jacob; and Fixler, Dror 08489140 Cl. 455-550.1.
Accenture Global Services GmbH: See--
Vallier, William E.; Rimar, Steven V.; D'Avanzo, Jr., Robert Lewis; and Wylie, Matthew J. 08489459 Cl. 705-14.66.
Accenture Global Services Limited: See--
Chuah, Mei 08489769 Cl. 709-246.
Harvey, Brandon L.; and Dempski, Kelly L. 08489999 Cl. 715-751.
Slater, Benjamin Anthony; and Checco, Christopher P. 08489479 Cl. 705-35.
Yeh, Peter; Jain, Prateek; Verma, Kunal; and Vasquez, Reymonrod G. 08489639 Cl. 707-791.
Access Co., Ltd.: See--
Cortopassi, Michael; and Endejan, Edward 08488885 Cl. 382-186.
Acclarent, Inc.: See--
Morriss, John 08485199 Cl. 128-898.
Accudata Technologies, Inc.: See--
Martino, Monica Rose; and Cleghorn, Taylor 08488754 Cl. 379-93.25.
AccuVein Inc.: See--
Wood, Fred; Goldman, Ron; Conlon, Stephen; and Luciano, Vincent 08489178 Cl. 600-473.
Aceplux Optotech Inc: See--
Lo, Hsin-Ming; and Shei, Shih-Chang 08487324 Cl. 257-88.
Acer Incorporated: See--
Hsu, Chung-Hao D0686204 Cl. D14-315.
Hsu, Chung-Hao; Ling, Cheng-Nan; Chen, Chun-I; Chen, Hsien-Wei; and Huang, Yi-Ta D0686154 Cl. D13-103.
Acero, Alejandro: See--
Deng, Li; Yu, Dong; and Acero, Alejandro 08489529 Cl. 706-25.
Acharya, B. Ramamurthy: See--
Jung, Hong-Sik; Stafford, Donald; Acharya, B. Ramamurthy; Malhotra, Sudhir S.; and Bertero, Gerardo A. 08488276 Cl. 360-135.
Acharya, Joydeep; to Hitachi, Ltd. Systems and methods for low complexity user scheduling 08488613 Cl. 370-395.21.
Achates Power, Inc.: See--
Lemke, James U. 08485161 Cl. 123-481.
Liu, Feng Song; Wu, Jiongyang; and Lee, Patrick R. 08485147 Cl. 123-51B.
Achleitner, Corinna: See--
Rosenkranz, Falk; Achleitner, Corinna; Zitzmann, Ralf; and Freerksen, Isaiah 08485769 Cl. 411-411.
Achlioptas, Dimitris; to Microsoft Corporation System and method for employing social networks for information discovery 08489570 Cl. 707-706.
Achtmann, Hans; to Hans P. Achtmann Revocable Trust Method of treating animal's exterior for cleaning and/or insect repellency 08486432 Cl. 424-405.
Acikmese, Behcet; Blackmore, James C. L.; and Scharf, Daniel P., to California Institute of Technology Method and apparatus for powered descent guidance 08489260 Cl. 701-16.
ACIST Medical Systems, Inc.: See--
Manstrom, Dale R.; Raatikka, Amy R.; Wilson, Robert F.; Miller, Edward R.; and Pak, Jung Kwon 08485985 Cl. 600-561.
Ackerman, Michael J.: See--
Drum, Carolyn Lambka; Besler, Mark J.; Ruden, Christopher M.; Dylhoff, Jonathan A.; Fichtinger, Gary R.; Ackerman, Michael J.; and Turner, Jeffrey S. 08485289 Cl. 180-62.
Ackerman, Stephen M.; Nelson, Steven D.; and Nelson, Michael D., to Plant Sciences, Inc. Strawberry plant named ‘MERIT’ PP023745 Cl. PLT-209.
Ackerstein Klein, Sarah Apparatus for protecting a child's head 08485580 Cl. 296-1.04.
Acme Biosystems LLC: See--
Simon, Eric M. 08486692 Cl. 435-297.5.
Acolyte Technologies Corporation: See--
Feigenbaum, Marvin D0686354 Cl. D26-24.
Acosta-Cazaubon, Jesus; to Yottavote, Inc. Visual voting method 08488848 Cl. 382-118.
Action Target Inc.: See--
Bateman, Kyle; Marshall, Thomas; and Bassett, David 08485529 Cl. 273-410.
Actis, Bradley P.; to H.W.J. Designs for Agribusiness, Inc. Closing system for pressing chambers 08485092 Cl. 100-3.
Acushnet Company: See--
Bissonnette, Laurent; and McNamara, Michael 08485174 Cl. 124-81.
Michalewich, Michael; Comeau, Brian; Bulpett, David A.; and Ricci, Shawn 08487063 Cl. 528-61.
Acute Innovations LLC: See--
Gillard, Joel; and Knight, Mariah 08486114 Cl. 606-280.
Adachi, Motoki; Kawasaki, Shuhei; Kawaguchi, Yuji; and Tanaka, Masanori, to Canon Kabushiki Kaisha Image forming apparatus controlling standby positions of developing devices 08488997 Cl. 399-227.
Adachi, Satoru: See--
Etoh, Minoru; Adachi, Satoru; Kobayashi, Mitsuru; and Kato, Sadaatsu 08488671 Cl. 375-240.12.
Adachi, Shouhei; and Morimoto, Takayuki, to Tsubakimoto Chain Co. Silent chain 08485928 Cl. 474-215.
Adam, Philippe: See--
Theillez, Boris; Chanzy, Nicolas; Farizon, Frederic; Adam, Philippe; Philippot, Remi; Favre, Eric; Limozin, Rodophe; Provost, Gilles; Doycinovich, Serge; and Camilleri, Jean-Philippe 08486151 Cl. 623-22.31.
Adamczyk, Patryk: See--
Scott, Sherryl Lee Lorraine; Paas, Julian; Steele, Joel; Adamczyk, Patryk; and Vanden Heuvel, David Noel 08487868 Cl. 345-156.
Adamczyk, Rick: See--
Spade, Sam; Lieb, Lonnie; and Adamczyk, Rick 08485115 Cl. 114-55.54.
Adamo, Benoit: See--
Smutney, Chad C.; Adamo, Benoit; Polidoro, John M.; Kinsey, P. Spencer; Overfield, Dennis; Sahi, Carl R.; Billings, Christine; and Marino, Mark T. 08485180 Cl. 128-202.17.
Adams, Douglas Jay Kozak; and Sarpeshkar, Rahul, to Massachusetts Institute of Technology Inductive-element feedback-loop compensator 08487699 Cl. 330-107.
Adams, Frederick R. Multi-position resistance tube exercise apparatus 08485950 Cl. 482-129.
Adams, Frederick R. Vehicle mounted multi-position resistance tube exercise apparatus 08485951 Cl. 482-129.
Adams, Neil Patrick: See--
Griffin, Jason Tyler; Fyke, Steven Henry; Pasquero, Jerome; Adams, Neil Patrick; and Brown, Michael Kenneth 08490178 Cl. 726-19.
Adams, Neil Patrick; and McCallum, Michael Edwin, to Research In Motion Limited Method, system and smart card reader for management of access to a smart card 08485449 Cl. 235-492.
Adams, Neil Patrick; and Vander Veen, Raymond Paul, to Research In Motion Limited System and method for image inclusion in e-mail messages 08489684 Cl. 709-205.
Adams, Ralph: See--
Gelinas, Richard Evan; Singhal, Mitra Choudhury; Zhang, Yi; Popplewell, Andrew George; and Adams, Ralph 08486662 Cl. 435-69.6.
Adams Rite Europe Limited: See--
Dynes, Nicholas John; and Guy, Simon William 08485569 Cl. 292-194.
Adang, Michael J.; and Abdullah, Mohd Amir Fursan, to University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc., The Enhancement of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry protein toxicities to coleopterans, and novel insect cadherin fragments 08486887 Cl. 514-4.5.
Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Inc.: See--
Baran, Paul; Wilson, Eugene R.; Parnell, Robert S.; and Haselhuhn, Hugo 08489344 Cl. 702-57.
Adapx, Inc.: See--
Wesson, R. Matthew; Paratore, Robert; and Cole, Robin 08488158 Cl. 358-1.15.
Adar, Etai; Hoover, Russell D.; Ramani, Srinivasan; Robinson, Eric F.; and Truong, Thuong Q., to International Business Machines Corporation Sharing sampled instruction address registers for efficient instruction sampling in massively multithreaded processors 08489787 Cl. 710-260.
ADC GmbH: See--
Slater, Brett Hoe; Allwood, Brent David; and Nicholls, Bryce 08488933 Cl. 385-134.
ADC Telecommunications, Inc.: See--
Nelson, Michael J.; and Thompson, Kevin 08488312 Cl. 361-679.47.
Sayres, Derek 08488936 Cl. 385-137.
Addis, David: See--
Langridge, Adam Jethro; and Addis, David 08487871 Cl. 345-157.
Addonizio, Scott J.; Camp, Jr., David L.; Becker, Gary J.; and Pazienza, John D., to OrbusNeich Medical, Inc. Stent having helical elements 08486133 Cl. 623-1.16.
Adelsberg, Lee Martin; Goller, Martin Herbert; Lineman, David Myron; and Murphy, James Patrick, to Corning Incorporated Stirrers for minimizing erosion of refractory metal vessels in a glass making system 08485717 Cl. 366-328.2.
Adesso Inc.: See--
Hsieh, Duan-Cheng; and Schaak, Lee RE044373 Cl. 362-414.
Adhezion Biomedical, LLC: See--
Ruiz, Rafael; Zhang, Sheng; and Krauss, Martin D0686365 Cl. D28-7.
Ruiz, Sr., Rafael; Zhang, Sheng; and Krauss, Martin D0686366 Cl. D28-7.
Ruiz, Sr., Rafael; Zhang, Sheng; and Krauss, Martin D0686367 Cl. D28-7.
Adl-Tabatabai, Ali-Reza: See--
Sheaffer, Gad; Gray, Jan; Taillefer, Martin; Adl-Tabatabai, Ali-Reza; Saha, Bratin; Bassin, Vadim; Geva, Robert Y.; and Callahan, David 08489864 Cl. 712-220.
Adlens Beacon, Inc.: See--
Nibauer, Lisa; Peterson, Matthew Wallace; Senatore, Daniel; Schnell, Urban; and Haroud, Karim 08488250 Cl. 359-666.
Adobe Systems Incorporated: See--
Brandt, Jonathan 08489627 Cl. 707-765.
Brichford, Christopher 08490117 Cl. 719-328.
Gaul, Troy A.; Zibble, Benjamin A.; and Hamburg, Mark 08487931 Cl. 345-440.
Harris, Jerry; and Worthington, John W. 08487963 Cl. 345-643.
Kamath, Anil 08489460 Cl. 705-14.71.
Phillips, Matthew J. 08489989 Cl. 715-277.
Raghupathy, Ramprakash; and Sankaran, Srikumar 08490114 Cl. 719-318.
Young, Jeff; and Taft, Ed A. 08489536 Cl. 706-47.
Adolfsson, Pontus: See--
Österling, Jacob; Heiser, Franz; Olson, Henrik; Huss, Fredrik; and Adolfsson, Pontus 08488483 Cl. 370-252.
Advanced BusinessLink Corporation: See--
Lategan, Christopher F. 08489677 Cl. 709-203.
Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.: See--
Cox, Daniel L.; Bai, Hongzhi; Consigny, Paul; and Chiu, Jessica G. 08486012 Cl. 604-102.01.
Advanced Chemical Solutions, LLC: See--
Pinto, Gerard Robert; and Pinto, Christina 08485657 Cl. 347-105.
Advanced Comfort Systems France SAS-ACS France: See--
Maltaverne, Guy; Neaux, Jean-Claude; and Leboeuf, Régis 08485595 Cl. 296-213.
Advanced Food Technologies Inc.: See--
Roskam, Robert O.; Stevens, Cheree L.; Stevens, John F.; and Tinsley, Joel R. 08486471 Cl. 426-302.
Advanced Glazing Technologies Limited (AGTL): See--
Milburn, Douglas I. 08486213 Cl. 156-272.2.
Advanced Medical Instruments: See--
Petrus, Edward J 08486889 Cl. 514-6.5.
Advanced Mediwatch Co., Ltd.: See--
Lin, Sung-Lien D0686240 Cl. D14-488.
Advanced Micro Devices: See--
Wang, Liang-Kai 08489663 Cl. 708-505.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.: See--
Blinzer, Paul; and Mummah, Phil 08487943 Cl. 345-504.
Friebel, Thomas; Dannowski, Uwe; and Biemueller, Sebastian 08490089 Cl. 718-1.
Kruger, Warren; Hyder, Zohair; Terry, Elene; and Wang, Xidong 08489752 Cl. 709-229.
Lyashevsky, Alexander 08487929 Cl. 345-428.
Serebrin, Benjamin C.; Schmidt, Rodney W.; Kaplan, David A.; and Hummel, Mark D. 08489789 Cl. 710-267.
Wong, Daniel W. 08489898 Cl. 713-192.
Zhai, Jun; and Wang, Fei 08486767 Cl. 438-128.
Advanced Neuromodulation Systems, Inc.: See--
Burros, Paul; and DiGiacomo, Michael 08484841 Cl. 29-857.
Cantlon, Kurt 08489208 Cl. 607-149.
Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Inc.: See--
Hong, Meng-Hsien; and Chien, Ko-Wei 08487333 Cl. 257-98.
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.: See--
Chiu, Chi-Tsung; Ou, Ying-Te; and Wang, Meng-Jen 08486829 Cl. 438-667.
Essig, Kay Stephan; Appelt, Bernd Karl; and Lee, Ming Chiang 08487426 Cl. 257-699.
Advanced Testing Technologies, Inc.: See--
Spinner, Robert; Levi, Eli; Leippe, William Harold; Korpi, Emery; Lai, Michael; Kuveikis, James; Chalmers, Richard E.; Engel, Richard; Britch, Peter F.; Biagiotti, William; and Howell, David 08489381 Cl. 703-20.
Advantest Corp.: See--
Kurokawa, Masaki; Yamada, Akio; and Okawa, Tatsuro 08487281 Cl. 250-492.3.
Advion Inc.: See--
Prosser, Simon; Henion, Jack; Thompson, Stephen; and Parr, Vic 08487247 Cl. 250-288.
Aerojet-General Corporation: See--
Brent, Timothy J.; and Stawovy, Michael T. 08486541 Cl. 428-614.
Aeropal Technology SDN. BHD: See--
Yoshida, Zane; Doel, Rene Roger Lloyd; and Lee, Chee Cheang 07908979 Cl. 108-57.25.
Aerospace Corporation, The: See--
Poklemba, John James 08489662 Cl. 708-315.
Affymetrix, Inc.: See--
Muller-Greven, Jeannine C.; Post, Marc A.; and Kubu, Christopher J. 08486665 Cl. 435-91.5.
Agar Corporation Ltd.: See--
Agar, Joram; Viale-Rigo Capuzzo, Hector Alfredo; and Farchy, David D0686098 Cl. D10-78.
Agar, Joram; Viale-Rigo Capuzzo, Hector Alfredo; and Farchy, David D0686256 Cl. D15-139.
Agar, Joram; Viale-Rigo Capuzzo, Hector Alfredo; and Farchy, David, to Agar Corporation Ltd. Antenna detection probe for a storage tank D0686098 Cl. D10-78.
Agar, Joram; Viale-Rigo Capuzzo, Hector Alfredo; and Farchy, David, to Agar Corporation Ltd. Drill D0686256 Cl. D15-139.
Agarwal, Anshu: See--
Movida, Mark; Prophete, Didier; Fischer, Ronald F.; Gasn, Marni; and Agarwal, Anshu 08489974 Cl. 714-798.
Agarwal, Gaurav: See--
Wadekar, Manoj K.; McGlaughlin, Edward C.; and Agarwal, Gaurav 08488601 Cl. 370-389.
Agarwal, Mayank: See--
Rapp, James; Griffing, Daniel; Dadiomov, Alexander; Jacobs, Matthew; Shafi, Hazim; Nowak, Ryan; Nesson, Ben; Campbell, Drake A.; Agarwal, Mayank; Janotti, Paulo Cesar Sales; Ji, Xinhua; Englebeck, George Essex; and Bapat, Vikram 08490058 Cl. 717-125.
Agarwal, Navneet: See--
Vasseur, Jean-Philippe; Agarwal, Navneet; Thubert, Pascal; and Wetterwald, Patrick 08489765 Cl. 709-238.
Agarwal, Sandeep: See--
Gokhale, Vrijendra; Chitale, Manjiri; Sontakke, Alok Ashok; Ramamurthy, Karthik; and Agarwal, Sandeep 08489721 Cl. 709-223.
Agarwal, Shwetav; to RS-Software, Inc. Systems and methods for facilitating customer acquisition by businesses 08489450 Cl. 705-14.1.
Agarwal, Sumit: See--
Korte, Thomas Christopher; Agarwal, Sumit; and Saino, Celia 08489586 Cl. 707-724.
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Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR): See--
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Agere Systems Inc.: See--
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Agfa HealthCare N.V.: See--
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AGG Technology AG: See--
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Agilent Technologies, Inc.: See--
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Aiphone Co., Ltd.: See--
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Airbus Engineering Centre India: See--
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Airbus Operations GmbH: See--
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Airbus Operations S.A.S.: See--
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Airbus Operations (SAS): See--
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Airgrown IP, Inc.: See--
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Airow X Sports, LLC: See--
Romney, Devon 08485171 Cl. 124-65.
AIS GmbH Aachen Innovative Solutions: See--
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Aisin AW Co., Ltd.: See--
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Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha: See--
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Aitken, Robert Campbell: See--
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Aizawa, Chieko: See--
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Ak, Remitha: See--
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Akay, Galip: See--
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Akebono Brake Corporation: See--
Narayanan V, Lakshmi 08485323 Cl. 188-73.31.
Akimoto, Kengo: See--
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Akino, Hiroshi; to Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-Technica Unidirectional condenser microphone unit 08488828 Cl. 381-356.
Akita, Hiroyuki: See--
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Akita, Katsuhiko: See--
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Akita University: See--
Saito, Hitoshi 08490209 Cl. 850-5.
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Akka, Robert: See--
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Akkarakaran, Sony John: See--
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Akridge, Robert E.: See--
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Aktiebolaget SKF: See--
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Akutsu, Shigemitsu: See--
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Akzo Nobel N.V.: See--
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Al-Ali, Ammar: See--
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Alamin, Todd: See--
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ALAXALA Networks Corporation: See--
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Albecker, Walter Loose fill cushions having internal support member 08485603 Cl. 297-284.4.
Albemarle Corporation: See--
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Albrecht, Bruce: See--
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Alcatel Lucent: See--
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Alco Electronics Limited: See--
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Alcon Research, Ltd.: See--
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Papac, Michael J.; and Smith, Ronald T. 08485972 Cl. 600-249.
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Aldridge, Allen: See--
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Alenia Aeronautica S.p.A.: See--
Gemma, Riccardo 08485467 Cl. 244-53B.
Alere Switzerland GmbH: See--
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Alexander, James A.: See--
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Alexander, Paul W.: See--
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Alexandrovich, Benjamin: See--
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Alexopoulos, Nicolaos G.: See--
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Alfa Laval Corporate AB: See--
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Oudjedi, Boualem; and Maure, Pascal 08485246 Cl. 165-157.
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Alfred Kaercher GmbH & Co. KG: See--
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Alhaddad, Mohammed S.: See--
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Ali, Syedsaad: See--
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Alig, Bernd: See--
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AliphCom: See--
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AllaChem, LLC: See--
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Allanson, Nigel Mark: See--
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Allard, Jochen: See--
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Allee, David R.: See--
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Allegro Microsystems, LLC: See--
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Allegrucci, Jean-Didier: See--
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Allen, Andrew: See--
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Allen, Blake: See--
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Allergan, Inc.: See--
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Alles, Martin: See--
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Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc.: See--
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Li, Yao; and Wang, Xuan 08488244 Cl. 359-618.
Alliant Techsystems, Inc.: See--
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Allison, Joe D.: See--
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Allison, Milton J.: See--
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Allosource, Inc.: See--
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Allport, Andrew Wayne: See--
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Allwood, Brent David: See--
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Allylix, Inc.: See--
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Alonso, Jorge: See--
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Alpha & Omega Semiconductor, Inc.: See--
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Alpla Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co. Kg: See--
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Alps Electric Korea Co., Ltd: See--
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Alps Green Devices Co., Ltd.: See--
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Alsayed, Saleh H.: See--
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ALSTOM Technology Ltd: See--
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Alt, Helmut G.: See--
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Altek Corporation: See--
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Altera Corporation: See--
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Altman, Raphael: See--
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Alvarion Ltd.: See--
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Aly, Hosam: See--
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Amadeus S.A.S.: See--
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Amann, Werner; to Leica Geosystems AG Optoelectronic position measurement device and position measurement method 08488132 Cl. 356-617.
Amano Enzyme Inc.: See--
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Amano, Hitoshi: See--
Matsunaga, Akiko; Amano, Hitoshi; and Yamaguchi, Shotaro 08486682 Cl. 435-201.
Amano, Minoru: See--
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Amazon Europe Holdings Technologies SCS: See--
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Amazon Technologies, Inc.: See--
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AMBA Technologies, LLC: See--
Butler, Andrew M. 08484888 Cl. 47-32.
Ambergen, Inc.: See--
Lim, Mark J.; and Rothschild, Kenneth J. 08486634 Cl. 435-6.12.
Amblard, Amel: See--
Giorgis, Lionel; and Amblard, Amel 08489188 Cl. 607-28.
Amdocs Software Systems Limited: See--
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Goldstein, Eyal; Catane, Avishai; and Tsype, Victor 08489454 Cl. 705-14.4.
Patro, Debabrata; and Domb, Menachem 08488757 Cl. 379-114.02.
Amemiya, Kanae: See--
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Amend, Peter: See--
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Ament, Frank: See--
Gonze, Eugene V.; Paratore, Jr., Michael J.; and Ament, Frank 08484953 Cl. 60-295.
Amerga, Daniel: See--
Mahajan, Amit; Kumar, Vanitha A.; and Amerga, Daniel 08489092 Cl. 455-434.
American Air Liquide, Inc.: See--
Chen, Yudong 08486180 Cl. 95-98.
American Covers, Inc.: See--
Haymond, Bryce D0686213 Cl. D14-432.
Irvin, Aaron; and Finlay, Nathaniel 08485454 Cl. 239-58.
American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.: See--
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Ericksen, Brian 08489503 Cl. 705-38.
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American Innovative Research Corp.: See--
Palmer, David W. 08485874 Cl. 454-255.
American Legacy Products, Inc.: See--
Eubank, Robert; and Graham, Jack D0686038 Cl. D7-516.
Eubank, Robert; and Graham, Jack D0686039 Cl. D7-516.
American Orthodontic Corporation: See--
Tuneberg, Lee H. D0686325 Cl. D24-180.
American Seating Company: See--
Weber, Jeffrey A.; Wolf, David I.; Blomstrom, John K.; Fassett, Douglas L.; Martus, Paul J.; and Ippel, David J. D0686031 Cl. D6-708.23.
Amezketa, Eneko; to Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft Wheel or wheel cover D0686134 Cl. D12-211.
Amgen Inc.: See--
Geibel, John Peter; Hebert, Steven Charles; Martin, David; and Russell, Deborah A. 08486381 Cl. 424-78.01.
AMI Industries, Inc.: See--
Patterson, Scott R.; and Mastrolia, Bradley 08485471 Cl. 244-122AG.
Amicus Therapeutics, Inc.: See--
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Amies, Christopher Jude; Beasley, Paul; Celi, Juan Carlos; Heid, Oliver; Hernandez-Guerra, Francisco Miguel; Kruip, Marcel Jan Marie; and Vester, Markus, to Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Combined radiation therapy and magnetic resonance unit 08487269 Cl. 250-396ML.
Amiga, Ori: See--
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Amin, Nurul; Jin, Insik; Tian, Wei; Wirebaugh, Andrew James; Vaithyanathan, Venugopalan; and Sun, Ming, to Seagate Technology LLC Programmable metallization memory cell with layered solid electrolyte structure 08487291 Cl. 257-4.
Amirkhany, Amir: See--
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Amkor Technology, Inc.: See--
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Amrami, Roni: See--
Maizlin, Yaron; Ayanot, Shlomo; and Amrami, Roni 08485448 Cl. 235-492.
Amtek Semiconductors Co., Ltd.: See--
Tseng, Hsiang-Wei 08488320 Cl. 361-695.
An, Fu-Tai; and Hsu, Jen-Tai, to Global Unichip Corporation Slicing level and sampling phase adaptation circuitry for data recovery systems 08488731 Cl. 375-355.
An, Hong Sun: See--
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Anadu, Emily: See--
Marsland, John; Kapoor, Revant; Anadu, Emily; Levine, Matt; Leo, Edmund; and Ocko, Matthew Adam 08485897 Cl. 463-31.
Analog Devices, Inc.: See--
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Kapusta, Ronald 08487659 Cl. 327-3.
Lane, William A.; Hynes, Eamon; and Coyne, Edward John 08487260 Cl. 250-339.01.
ANANAS Nanotech S.r.L.: See--
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Anand, Vaijayanthimala K.; Funk, Mark R.; Kunkel, Steven R.; Srinivas, Mysore S.; Swanberg, Randal C.; and Young, Ronald D., to International Business Machines Corporation Non-uniform memory access (NUMA) enhancements for shared logical partitions 08490094 Cl. 718-100.
Anand, Vishal; Gupta, Manish; Kothari, Ravi; and Madduri, Venkateswara R., to International Business Machines Corporation Automatic documentation of ticket execution 08489941 Cl. 714-57.
Anatolia Tile & Stone, Inc.: See--
Elmaagacli, Cengiz D0686351 Cl. D25-151.
Anchan, KiranKumar; to QUALCOMM Incorporated Transmitting keep-alive packets on behalf of a mobile communications device within a wireless communications system 08490174 Cl. 726-13.
Anchor Wall Systems, Inc.: See--
Mugge, Jimmie L.; and Johnson, Jay J. D0686345 Cl. D25-113.
Anderberg, Nils-Erik; to FMT International Trade AB Ramp for a movable passenger bridge for a ship 08484786 Cl. 14-71.5.
Anders, John Thomas; to BAE Systems PLC Apparatus and method for landing a rotary wing aircraft 08485029 Cl. 73-178R.
Andersen, Carsten: See--
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Anderson, Bret: See--
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Anderson, Bret P.: See--
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Anderson, David A.: See--
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Anderson, Ian: See--
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Anderson, Jon P.: See--
Bouzid, Ahmed; Lesiak, Chris; Konz, Daniel W.; Franzen, David L.; Biggs, William; and Anderson, Jon P. 08486644 Cl. 435-7.1.
Anderson, Michael Electrolysis anode 08486239 Cl. 204-286.1.
Anderson, Michael R.; to Blast Max LLC Seal absorbent pad-RFID-bar code device for a dosing cap 08485359 Cl. 206-459.1.
Anderson, Perry: See--
Rubin, Andy; Anderson, Perry; and Kim, Sung 08488778 Cl. 379-433.12.
Anderson, Richard: See--
Fraser, Donald E.; and Anderson, Richard 08485242 Cl. 160-115.
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Andersons, Inc., The: See--
Johnston, Matthew G.; Lynch, James R.; and Birthisel, Timothy D. 08486430 Cl. 424-405.
Ando, Motohiro; and Sasabe, Akio, to Rohm Co., Ltd. Load drive device 08488283 Cl. 361-18.
Ando, Takashi: See--
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Ando, Tomoharu: See--
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Andre, Bartley K.: See--
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André, Olivier; to Intermed Asia Limited Stackable calendar D0686279 Cl. D19-20.
Andrea, Timothy M.: See--
Daniel, Allan Wayne; and Andrea, Timothy M. D0686061 Cl. D8-382.
Andreev, Christian: See--
Popescu, Serban Mihai; and Andreev, Christian 08487595 Cl. 323-280.
Andrei, Mirela: See--
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Andrew LLC: See--
Gravely, Thomas B.; Alles, Martin; Kalenahalli, Suryanarayana; and Al-Mufti, Khalid W. 08489122 Cl. 455-456.5.
Andrews, Derrick: See--
Matula, Jr. Jerome; Andrews, Derrick; and Huth, Jeffry D0686313 Cl. D24-110.1.
Andrews, Kurtis W.: See--
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Andrie, Matthew J.: See--
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Andry, Paul S; Farooq, Mukta G; Hannon, Robert; Iyer, Subramanian S; Kinser, Emily R; Tsang, Cornelia K; and Volant, Richard P, to International Business Machines Corporation Optimized annular copper TSV 08487425 Cl. 257-698.
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Ang, Teck Wee: See--
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Anger, Bernardo: See--
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Angiochem Inc.: See--
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Angiotech Pharmaceuticals (US), Inc.: See--
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Anno, Shintaro: See--
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Anpec Electronics Corporation: See--
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Anritsu Corporation: See--
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Ansaldo STS USA, Inc.: See--
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Ansari, Ahmad C.: See--
Wollmershauser, Steven M.; and Ansari, Ahmad C. 08488451 Cl. 370-230.
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Ansorge-Schumacher, Marion: See--
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Antanius, Ghadeer: See--
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Anton, Christoph: See--
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Antonowicz, Aurelie: See--
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Antopholi Software, LLC: See--
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Antula Healthcare AB: See--
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Anunu, Rachel: See--
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Anyan, Steven L.: See--
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Aoki, Hideo: See--
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Aoki, Kazumasa: See--
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Aoki, Keiichiro: See--
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Aoki, Takayuki: See--
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Aoki, Youichi: See--
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Aopen Inc.: See--
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Aoshima, Yoshinori: See--
Ueda, Masahiro; and Aoshima, Yoshinori 08486548 Cl. 429-61.
Aoyagi, Motoki: See--
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Aoyama, Hajime: See--
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Appelt, Bernd Karl: See--
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Apple Inc: See--
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Apple Inc.: See--
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Applianz Technologies, Inc.: See--
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Applied Biosystems, LLC: See--
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Applied Materials Israel, Ltd.: See--
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Applied Micro Circuits Corporation: See--
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Mittal, Millind; and Fanfelle, Robert James 08488618 Cl. 370-401.
Aprolase Development Co., LLC: See--
Sapir, Itzhak 08485793 Cl. 417-244.
Aptus Power Semiconductor: See--
Floyd, Brian Harold 08487660 Cl. 327-72.
Floyd, Brian Harold 08487689 Cl. 327-536.
Aqvis Environment Ltd: See--
Raivio, Johannes D0686347 Cl. D25-138.
Arad, Oren: See--
Peavey, David; and Arad, Oren 08489053 Cl. 455-255.
Arad-Yellin, Rina: See--
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Arai, Daisuke: See--
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Arai, Masahiko: See--
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Arai, Shintaro: See--
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Arai, Suguru: See--
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Arai, Toshiaki: See--
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Arai, Toshio: See--
Oka, Keiichiro; Akita, Hiroyuki; and Arai, Toshio 08487501 Cl. 310-215.
Arakawa, Katsuji: See--
Oya, Kazufumi; and Arakawa, Katsuji 08485640 Cl. 347-47.
Arakawa, Yutaka: See--
Yamanaka, Naoaki; Arakawa, Yutaka; and Tokuhashi, Kazumasa 08488964 Cl. 398-58.
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Araki, Ryoji: See--
Shimizu, Koji; and Araki, Ryoji 08488135 Cl. 358-1.13.
Araki, Takamasa: See--
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Aramaki, Masaaki: See--
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Arcadyan Technology Corporation: See--
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Arcand, Mathieu: See--
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Archer Daniels Midland Company: See--
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Archer, David M.: See--
Christy, Frank L.; Keiser, Stephen C.; and Archer, David M. 08487469 Cl. 290-55.
Archer, Michelle R.: See--
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Archibald, Matthew N.: See--
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Archimica, Inc.: See--
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Arcot-Krishnamurthy, Shantha; Shuros, Allan C.; Ding, Jiang; Yu, Yinghong; Stucky, Michael J.; and Hartemink, Christopher, to Caridac Pacemakers, Inc. Method and apparatus for identification of ischemic/infarcted regions and therapy optimization 08489204 Cl. 607-116.
Ardanese, Michelangelo: See--
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Ardanese, Raffaello; Darr, Rebecca J.; Ardanese, Michelangelo; Jasinkiewicz, Paul; and Whitt, Christopher, to GM Global Technology Operations LLC System and method for estimating an amount of particulate matter accumulated in a particulate filter 08484955 Cl. 60-295.
Arecor Limited: See--
Jezek, Jan 08486388 Cl. 424-94.3.
Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: See--
Chu, Zhi-Liang; Leonard, James N.; and Jones, Robert M. 08486646 Cl. 435-7.2.
Arensdorf, Pat: See--
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Arenson, Jerome Stephen; Pinhasi, Ofer; Rubin, Daniel; Rosner, Baruch; and Greenberg, Lev, to GE Medical Systems Israel, Ltd. System and apparatus for classifying x-ray energy into discrete levels 08488854 Cl. 382-128.
Areva NP: See--
Verneret, Claude 08489338 Cl. 702-23.
Argent Industrial Limited: See--
Thyssen, Jr., Cornelius Johannes 08485106 Cl. 104-249.
Argue, Daniel E.; Doyle, E. Michael; and Doyle, Edward M., to Hoff Engineering Company, Inc. Filter with expandable end cap facilitating easier change-out 08486263 Cl. 210-232.
Argyropoulos, John N.: See--
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Arikawa, Hideyuki; Mebata, Akira; Arai, Masahiko; Kojima, Yoshitaka; and Toriya, Haijime, to Hitachi, Ltd. Rotor for steam turbine and method of manufacturing the same 08485788 Cl. 416-244A.
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Arimoto, Keita; Streich, Sebastian; and Ong, Bee Suan, to Yamaha Corporation Music analysis apparatus 08487175 Cl. 84-611.
Arimura, Masashi: See--
Taniguchi, Yoko; Makino, Akihisa; Fujiyoshi, Kunitaka; Arimura, Masashi; Ueno, Shuji; and Koga, Mitsui 08486529 Cl. 428-402.
Arissian, Ladan: See--
Diels, Jean-Claude; and Arissian, Ladan 08488639 Cl. 372-28.
Arita, Hiroaki: See--
Fukuda, Kazuhiro; Mamiya, Chikao; and Arita, Hiroaki 08486487 Cl. 427-255.23.
Arita, Junko; Hasebe, Takeshi; Kiyama, Ryuuichi; Endoh, Sanae; and Kawade, Hiroaki, to Ricoh Company, Ltd. Image forming system, groupware server, image forming apparatus and computer-readable storage medium 08488146 Cl. 358-1.15.
Arita, Takashi: See--
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Yanagi, Masahiro; Kurashima, Shigemi; and Arita, Takashi 08487825 Cl. 343-767.
Arizona Board of Regents: See--
Clark, Lawrence T.; and Patterson, Dan W. 08489919 Cl. 714-11.
Arizona Board of Regents, a body corporate of the State of Arizona, Acting for and on behalf of Arizona State University: See--
Venugopal, Sameer M.; Allee, David R.; Clark, Lawrence T; and Darbanian, Nazanin 08488370 Cl. 365-154.
Arkema France: See--
Rached, Wissam 08486294 Cl. 252-67.
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Arko, Robert Peter; Hamilton, John; and Hollingsworth, Matthew, to Steelcase Inc. Seat portion D0686003 Cl. D6-334.
Arko, Robert Peter; Hamilton, John R.; and Champaign, Justin, to Steelcase Inc. Furniture portion D0686015 Cl. D6-509.
Arlt, Tino; and Rösel, Gerd, to Continental Automotive GmbH Method and device for determining an oxygen storage capacity of a catalytic converter of an internal combustion engine and method and device for determining a dynamic time duration for exhaust probes of an internal combustion engine 08484946 Cl. 60-285.
ARM Limited: See--
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Jalal, Jamshed; Werkheiser, Mark David; Feero, Brett Stanley; Filippo, Michael Alan; Prasadh, Ramamoorthy Guru; and Mannava, Phanindra Kumar 08490107 Cl. 718-104.
ArmaGen Technologies, Inc.: See--
Pardridge, William M.; and Boado, Ruben J. 08486399 Cl. 424-134.1.
Armaterra, Inc.: See--
Merrill, Michael J. 08485760 Cl. 405-302.6.
Armbrecht, Jeff: See--
Harsell, Dan; and Armbrecht, Jeff 08490163 Cl. 726-6.
Armeria Meschieri S.A.S. di Luca Valcarenghi & C.: See--
Valcarenghi, Luca 08485328 Cl. 190-102.
Armock, Amy: See--
Gardner, David; McKinley, Allison; Armock, Amy; and Bertels, Damien D0686243 Cl. D14-489.
Armstrong, Charles David; to Baker Hughes Incorporated Method of fracturing using mannanohydrolase enzyme breaker 08486867 Cl. 507-201.
Armstrong, Tara Lynn: See--
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Arnault, Benoit; Liverato, Yves-André; Charpentier, Jacques; and Bussit, Sylvain, to Aktiebolaget SKF Ball bearing, and a motor vehicle fitted with such a bearing 08485734 Cl. 384-607.
Arndt, Peter: See--
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Arness, Brian Peter: See--
Eastman, John Alan; Arness, Brian Peter; Honkomp, Mark Steven; Wassynger, Stephen Paul; Byam, Steve P.; and Reinker, Michael 08485784 Cl. 416-220R.
Arnin, Uri; and Sudin, Yuri, to Premia Spine Ltd. Flexure limiter for spinal prosthesis 08486145 Cl. 623-17.15.
Arnold, Christian: See--
Krüger, Bernd-Wieland; Hense, Achim; Alig, Bernd; Fischer, Rüdiger; Funke, Christian; Gesing, Ernst Rudolf; Malsam, Olga; Drewes, Mark Wilhelm; Arnold, Christian; Lümmen, Peter; and Sanwald, Erich 08486934 Cl. 514-229.2.
Aronovich, Lior; Toaff, Yair; Paz, Gil; and Asher, Ron, to International Business Machines Corporation Restoring data segments of rolled-back transactions in a clustered file system 08489655 Cl. 707-826.
Aronovich, Lior; Levy, Asaf; and Loya, Liran, to International Business Machines Corporation Reduction of communication and efficient failover processing in distributed shared memory-based application 08489829 Cl. 711-161.
Aronson, Mark T.: See--
Laurencin, Cato T.; Aronson, Mark T.; and Nair, Lakshimi Sreedharan 08486143 Cl. 623-13.14.
Arora, Manoj K.: See--
Sun, Andrew Y.; Neefs, Henk G.; Pal, Rahul; Arora, Manoj K.; and Saraf, Ravindra P. 08489822 Cl. 711-145.
Arora, Rajan; Ginetti, Arnold Jean-Marie Gustave; and Kumar, Gautam, to Cadence Dsign Systems, Inc. System and method for automatic placement of contact cuts and similar structures in integrated circuit layouts 08490038 Cl. 716-110.
Arora, Rajni; Mahajan, Sachin; and Singh, Harpreet, to International Business Machines Corporation Mobile device financial transactions 08485440 Cl. 235-380.
Arponen, Jarmo Tapani: See--
Boldyrev, Sergey; Kaaja, Jari-Jukka Harald; Arponen, Jarmo Tapani; Oliver, Ian Justin; Mannermaa, Mika Juhani; Wilbur, Alex; Wegrzyn, Charles; Haikonen, Mikko Sakari; and Guadagno, Antonio 08490151 Cl. 726-1.
Arriaza Muñoz, Francisco José Device for neuronal therapies 08489206 Cl. 607-141.
ARRIS Group, Inc.: See--
Bestermann, John R. 08489101 Cl. 455-445.
Artal Soriano, Pablo; Pujol Ramo, Jaume; Oscar Luque, Sergio; Benito Galindo, Antonio; and Pérez Sanchez, Guillermo, to Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya System and method for measuring light scattering in the eyeball or eye region by recording and processing retinal images 08488851 Cl. 382-128.
Arteaga, Carlos L.: See--
Pohlmann, Paula R.; Mernaugh, Raymond L.; and Arteaga, Carlos L. 08486413 Cl. 424-185.1.
Artec Group, Inc.: See--
Lapa, Yan N. 08488129 Cl. 356-603.
Artecel Sciences Inc.: See--
Gimble, Jeffrey Martin; Halvorsen, Yuan-Di Chang; and Wilkison, William O. 08486700 Cl. 435-405.
Arterburn, Jeffrey B: See--
Prossnitz, Eric R; Tkatchenko, Sergey E; Revankar, Chetana M; Sklar, Larry A; Arterburn, Jeffrey B; Cimino, Daniel F; Oprea, Tudor I; Bologa, Cristian-George; Edwards, Bruce S; Kiselyov, Alexandor; and Young, Susan M 08487100 Cl. 546-79.
Arthey, Spencer James Robert: See--
Forbes, Steven John; Arthey, Spencer James Robert; and Iles, Jean-Paul Mark 08484800 Cl. 15-384.
Arthur, Erik John: See--
Bortnik, Michal; Arthur, Erik John; Macauley, James David; Chen, Ling Tony; Asmi, Yasser B.; Lamb, Steven D.; and Helm, James N. 08485905 Cl. 463-42.
Artifex Software Inc.: See--
Vrhel, Michael J. 08488195 Cl. 358-1.9.
Artificial Lift Company Limited: See--
Head, Philip 08485837 Cl. 439-190.
Artman, III, Gerald David; Elliott, Jason Matthew; Ji, Nan; Liu, Donglei; Ma, Fupeng; Mainolfi, Nello; Meredith, Erik; Miranda, Karl; Powers, James J.; and Rao, Chang, to Novartis AG Heterobicyclic carboxamides as inhibitors for kinases 08486954 Cl. 514-264.1.
Artsyukhovich, Alex; and Rowe, T. Scott, to Alcon Research, Ltd. Method and system for correcting an optical beam 08485708 Cl. 362-554.
Aruga, Hiroshi: See--
Uesugi, Toshitsugu; and Aruga, Hiroshi 08488227 Cl. 359-237.
Aruga, Toshinao; Tawara, Keiichirou; and Ishii, Naoki, to Riso Kagaku Corporation Image forming apparatus having a plurality of individually controlled recording heads 08488184 Cl. 358-1.4.
Arumugam, Ganesh: See--
Arya, Alay S; Hazarika, Saumar Jyoti; and Arumugam, Ganesh 08486165 Cl. 48-61.
Arumugam, Thangavelu; Gannu, Satish K.; Mihailovici, Virgil N.; Malegaonkar, Ashutosh A.; Posse, Christian; Sambhus, Sonali M.; Walia, Nitasha; and Zhang, Kui, to Cisco Technology, Inc. System and method for generating vocabulary from network data 08489390 Cl. 704-200.1.
Arunagiri, Tiruchirapalli: See--
Thie, William; Boyd, John M.; Redeker, Fritz C.; Dordi, Yezdi; Parks, John; Arunagiri, Tiruchirapalli; Owczarz, Aleksander; Balisky, Todd; Thomas, Clint; Wylie, Jacob; and Schoepp, Alan M. 08485120 Cl. 118-64.
Aruze Gaming America, Inc.: See--
Saito, Hiroki; and Uchida, Masafumi 08485887 Cl. 463-20.
Arvanitis, Argyrios G.: See--
Rodgers, James D.; Shilling, Adam; Arvanitis, Argyrios G.; Shepard, Stacey; Galya, Laurine G.; Li, Mei; and Nedza, Frank M. 08486902 Cl. 514-35.
Arya, Alay S; Hazarika, Saumar Jyoti; and Arumugam, Ganesh, to General Electric Company Heat recovery in black water flash systems 08486165 Cl. 48-61.
Aryaka Networks, Inc.: See--
Bharadhwaj, Rajeev; Gupta, Ajit; and Nagaraj, Ashwath 08489685 Cl. 709-205.
Asada, Fumio: See--
Takahashi, Kei; Asada, Fumio; Ikeda, Haruo; and Miyachi, Osamu 08485385 Cl. 220-562.
Asada, Yasunobu; to Furuno Electric Company, Ltd. Underwater detection device 08488412 Cl. 367-126.
Asahi Glass Company, Limited: See--
Okada, Satoshi; and Kumai, Hiroshi 08488432 Cl. 369-112.01.
Sasaki, Takayuki; Kaku, Daisuke; Kumagai, Naohiro; Sakurai, Hideo; and Ito, Takashi 08487015 Cl. 521-174.
Shirakawa, Daisuke; Gozu, Yoshiyuki; and Morisawa, Yoshitomi 08487141 Cl. 568-842.
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.: See--
Kawamura, Kimito; Tagashira, Motoyuki; and Tamura, Eiji 08485018 Cl. 73-12.01.
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation: See--
Akiyama, Yoshikuni; Sakata, Minoru; and Ban, Yukihiro 08487035 Cl. 524-496.
Hinago, Hidenori; and Ishikawa, Masashi 08486565 Cl. 429-231.4.
Shikano, Yasukazu; Sakuma, Teruaki; Matsui, Hiroki; Aramaki, Masaaki; Nitto, Yu; and Ieda, Shinji 08487024 Cl. 524-126.
Asai, Akihiko; and Shigeyoshi, Masayuki, to Kobe Steel, Ltd. Arc welding robot control system and method thereof 08487213 Cl. 219-124.1.
Asai, Koutarou: See--
Moriya, Yoshimi; Sekiguchi, Shunichi; Sugimoto, Kazuo; Yamada, Yoshihisa; Asai, Koutarou; Murakami, Tokumichi; and Idehara, Yuichi 08488889 Cl. 382-232.
Asakura, Jun: See--
Yuasa, Shin-ichi; and Asakura, Jun 08487631 Cl. 324-430.
Asano, Shigetaka; to Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited Timing controller, timing control method, and timing control system 08489910 Cl. 713-500.
Asanuma, Kazuo: See--
Tanaka, Masato; Asanuma, Kazuo; Sakamoto, Mamoru; Hosaka, Yasuo; Maekawa, Akinobu; and Nakagome, Hidehumi 08487950 Cl. 345-589.
Asao, Kazunari: See--
Yamazaki, Minoru; Ikegami, Akira; Kazumi, Hideyuki; Yano, Manabu; Asao, Kazunari; Mizuno, Takeshi; and Ojima, Yuki 08487253 Cl. 250-311.
Asberom, Theodros: See--
Greenlee, William J.; Zhu, Zhaoning; Asberom, Theodros; Huang, Xianhai; and Josien, Hubert B. 08487099 Cl. 546-19.
Asger, Geppel; Kringelum, Børge Windel; Hansen, Ken Flemming; Iversen, Stig Lykke; and Henriksen, Claus Maxel, to Chr. Hansen A/S Porphyrin containing lactic acid bacterial cells and use thereof 08486468 Cl. 426-15.
Ashcraft, Britt C; Chen, Eric; and On, Peter M, to Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Vacuum latch assembly 08488314 Cl. 361-679.58.
Ashcraft, Daniel W.: See--
Giffin, Michael; Ashcraft, Daniel W.; Griffith, Deanna Lee; Idehara, Takuya; and Park, Caroline B. D0686193 Cl. D14-214.
Asher, Ron: See--
Aronovich, Lior; Toaff, Yair; Paz, Gil; and Asher, Ron 08489655 Cl. 707-826.
Ashfaq, Mohammad Khalid: See--
Elsohly, Mahmoud A.; Gul, Waseem; Ashfaq, Mohammad Khalid; and Manly, Susan P. 08486998 Cl. 514-535.
Ashida, Sumio: See--
Tsukamoto, Takayuki; Nakai, Tsukasa; Kikitsu, Akira; Yamaguchi, Takeshi; and Ashida, Sumio 08487345 Cl. 257-190.
Ashiwa, Naoki; Takahashi, Amane; Kobayashi, Kazunori; Konno, Takeshi; Minokawa, Masao; Yoshie, Yumi; Kobune, Sonomi; Kozaki, Yoshiaki; Kanazawa, Minato; Kawaguchi, Yuta; Ishibashi, Atsushi; and Iwama, Yoshihiro, to Nakayo Telecommunications, Inc. Audio equipment for audio teleconferences D0686182 Cl. D14-149.
Ashizaki, Koji: See--
Ito, Tatsumi; Kakuta, Masaya; Imanishi, Shingo; Nitta, Nao; Futamura, Koji; Takashimizu, Toru; Ashizaki, Koji; and Furuki, Motohiro 08487273 Cl. 250-458.1.
Asia Capital Services Limited: See--
Walker, Matthew 08485451 Cl. 235-494.
Asikainen, Mika: See--
Helosvuori, Juhani; Mäkelä, Marjukka; Seväkivi, Pertti; Asikainen, Mika; and Isaksson, Petri D0686158 Cl. D13-123.
Aslan, Ayhan: See--
Holland-Letz, Guenter; Aslan, Ayhan; Hoischen, Ludger; Loeser, Martin; and Brexel, Dirk 08485432 Cl. 235-379.
ASM America, Inc.: See--
Aggarwal, Ravinder; Conner, Rand; Disanto, John; and Alexander, James A. 08486191 Cl. 118-715.
Asmi, Yasser B.: See--
Bortnik, Michal; Arthur, Erik John; Macauley, James David; Chen, Ling Tony; Asmi, Yasser B.; Lamb, Steven D.; and Helm, James N. 08485905 Cl. 463-42.
Asmis, Nicholas: See--
Schaffeld, William J.; Asmis, Nicholas; McCollough, Mark W.; and Beyer, Richard 08484971 Cl. 60-611.
ASML Netherlands B.V.: See--
Den Boef, Arie Jeffrey; Staals, Frank; and Macht, Lukasz Jerzy 08488107 Cl. 355-72.
Dijksman, Johan Frederik; Pierik, Anke; Vernhout, Martin Maurice; Wuister, Sander Frederik; Kruijt-Stegeman, Yvonne Wendela; and Schram, Ivar 08486485 Cl. 427-8.
Dijksman, Johan Frederik; Wismans, Antonius Johannes Joseph; Pierik, Anke; Vernhout, Martin Maurice; Wuister, Sander Frederik; and Kruijt-Stegeman, Yvonne Wendela 08485123 Cl. 118-315.
Hsu, Duan-Fu Stephen; and Kim, JooByoung 08486589 Cl. 430-5.
Steinhoff, Jens Arno 08487279 Cl. 250-492.3.
ASMO Co., Ltd.: See--
Hayakawa, Natsuto; and Ozaki, Tomoaki 08484893 Cl. 49-139.
Kitagawa, Takayuki; and Omura, Takehide 08487564 Cl. 318-400.14.
Aso, Yoshiaki; to Shimadzu Corporation Solvent delivery pump and liquid chromatograph 08485023 Cl. 73-61.56.
Asou, Tomonori: See--
Nakamura, Akinari; Ozeki, Masataka; Miyauchi, Shinji; and Asou, Tomonori 08486572 Cl. 429-428.
Aspect Software, Inc.: See--
Haddad, Justin W.; Kumar, Pradeep; and Schmidt, Richard J. 08488592 Cl. 370-352.
Assa, Shmuel: See--
Haltovsky, Moshe; Haltovsky, Avi; and Assa, Shmuel 08485883 Cl. 463-16.
Assarpour, Hamid; and Hull, Andrew, to Avaya Inc. Method for paramaterized application specific integrated circuit (ASIC)/field programmable gate array (FPGA) memory-based ternary content addressable memory (TCAM) 08489849 Cl. 711-200.
Assmann, Claus; to Sendmail, Inc. Apparatus and method for dynamic removal and addition of electronic messaging services 08489928 Cl. 714-38.1.
Astec International Limited: See--
Sigamani, James 08488350 Cl. 363-71.
Astolfi, Alessandro: See--
Bardi, Silvia; and Astolfi, Alessandro 08489241 Cl. 700-274.
Astrazeneca AB: See--
Davies, Audrey; Ioannidis, Stephanos; Lamb, Michelle; Su, Mei; Wang, Tao; and Zhang, Hai-Jun 08486966 Cl. 514-303.
Astrium Limited: See--
Craig, Antony Duncan; Norridge, Paul Stephen; and Howe, David Michael 08489055 Cl. 455-278.1.
Åström, Bo; and Terrill, Stephen, to Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ) Supplementary services in communication networks 08489682 Cl. 709-204.
Aström, Bo; and Terrill, Stephen, to Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (publ) Method and apparatus for providing administrative registration 08489743 Cl. 709-226.
Astrom, Henrik; and Spittka, Julian, to Microsoft Corporation Method of transmitting data in a communication system 08489758 Cl. 709-231.
Asuke, Shintaro; to Seiko Epson Corporation Method of manufacturing a part of a MEMS system 08486218 Cl. 156-325.
Aswani, Sanjana: See--
Goggin, Edward Joseph; Subramanian, Hariharan; Aswani, Sanjana; Belay, Adam M.; and Saxena, Anurekh 08489699 Cl. 709-213.
AT&T Intellectual Property I, L. P.: See--
Killian, Thomas; and Schryer, Norman L. 08489882 Cl. 713-176.
Malik, Dale W. 08489593 Cl. 707-729.
AT&T Intellectual Property I, L.P.: See--
Aaron, Jeffrey; and Ruckart, John 08485878 Cl. 463-6.
Bangalore, Srinivas 08487984 Cl. 348-62.
Borkenhagen, Jay Charles; Kwapniewski, Richard; and Scholl, Thomas Bradley 08488492 Cl. 370-254.
Chang, Chuan-Chuen; and Chung, Li-Jin Wu 08488746 Cl. 379-22.04.
Conkie, Alistair D.; and Schroeter, Horst 08489400 Cl. 704-260.
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Craine, Ari 08489510 Cl. 705-52.
Crolley, Wayne; and Johnson, Jeffrey Paul 08488511 Cl. 370-312.
Frank, Scott; Starr, Robert; Ruckart, John; Tischer, Steven; and Zellner, Samuel 08489110 Cl. 455-456.1.
Hicks, John; and Zimler, Randy 08489512 Cl. 705-58.
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Holloway, James; Birkes, Jerry; and Drake, Alton 08490168 Cl. 726-8.
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Keith, Chad C.; Dunmire, David; and Owenby, Clifford Marcus 08489772 Cl. 709-246.
Klincewicz, John; and Choudhury, Gagan 08488490 Cl. 370-254.
Li, Jian; Li, Zhi; and Savoor, Raghvendra 08488479 Cl. 370-252.
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Morin, Raymond B. 08487747 Cl. 340-10.2.
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Shaw, Venson M. 08489075 Cl. 455-413.
Stapleton, James Patrick; Gewecke, James Anthony; Marcucci, Justin Nicholas; Culver, Lee; and Krantz, David James 08490011 Cl. 715-790.
AT&T Intellectual Property I, LP: See--
Pratt, James; Sullivan, Marc A.; and Belz, Steven M. 08490142 Cl. 725-109.
Wollmershauser, Steven M.; and Ansari, Ahmad C. 08488451 Cl. 370-230.
AT&T Intellectual Property II, L.P.: See--
Blanchard, Harry E.; Lewis, Steven H.; Pulz, Gregory; and Zhang, Lan 08488771 Cl. 379-265.03.
Caldwell, Charles David; Harlow, John Bruce; Sayko, Robert J.; and Shaye, Norman 08489397 Cl. 704-235.
Krantz, David; Nortz, Douglas M.; and Sayko, Robert 08488612 Cl. 370-395.21.
Puri, Atul; and Civanlar, Mehmet Reha 08488666 Cl. 375-240.01.
AT&T Intellectual Property II, LP: See--
Kumar, Pankaj; Medamana, John Babu; and Ramsaroop, Jeewan P. 08488605 Cl. 370-390.
AT&T Intellecutal Property I, LP: See--
Walter, Edward; Wollmershauser, Steven Michael; and Kenyon, Erin Tania 08490126 Cl. 725-25.
AT&T Mobility II LLC: See--
Blake, Tony 08489070 Cl. 455-408.
Brisebois, Arthur Richard; and De Rosa, Giuseppe 08487516 Cl. 310-370.
Huber, Kurt Donald; Flynn, Judson John; and Mansfield, William Gordon 08490156 Cl. 726-2.
Mikan, Jeffrey; McNamara, Justin; Lewis, John; and Cenciarelli, Fulvio 08488749 Cl. 379-68.
Sennett, DeWayne Allan; and Daly, Brian Kevin 08489060 Cl. 455-404.1.
Sennett, DeWayne Allan; and Daly, Brian Kevin 08489084 Cl. 455-419.
Shaw, Venson M. 08489130 Cl. 455-466.
Sigmund, William Joseph; Zubas, Michael Robert; and Rainer, Brian Keith 08489074 Cl. 455-413.
Atalay, Suavi; to Ulus, Zafer Oven lamp holder with bayonet lock 08485713 Cl. 362-651.
AtheroPoint LLC: See--
Suri, Jasjit S. 08485975 Cl. 600-443.
ATI Technologies ULC: See--
Hong, Sunkwang 08488057 Cl. 348-441.
Nygren, Aaron John; Lee, Ming-Ju Edward; Barakat, Shadi M.; Xu, Xiaoling; Pham, Toan Duc; Kruger, Warren Fritz; and Litt, Michael John 08489912 Cl. 713-503.
Atkinson, Anthony; Cripps, Roger; and Eley, Kirstin, to TMO Renewables Limited Sporulation-deficient thermophilic microorganisms for the production of ethanol 08486687 Cl. 435-252.31.
Atkisson, David: See--
Flynn, David; Atkisson, David; and Aune, Joshua 08489817 Cl. 711-128.
Atlas Copco Industrial Technique Aktiebolag: See--
Elsmark, Karl Johan Lars; and Persson, Lars Magnus 08485273 Cl. 173-1.
ATMEL Corporation: See--
Lam, Ken 08487424 Cl. 257-692.
Um, Joo Yong 08490013 Cl. 715-800.
Atomic Energy Council-Institute of Nuclear Energy Research: See--
Fang, Hsin-Fa; Hsieh, Ming-Churng; Chen, Chung-Liang; Yuan, Ming-Chen; Tsao, Cheng-Si; and Peng, Kang-Neng 08488167 Cl. 358-1.15.
Atsumi, Takenori; to Hitachi, Ltd. Disk device 08488268 Cl. 360-78.04.
Atta, Emmanuel; Berger, Darcy; Dangler, John R.; Doyle, Matthew S.; Hefner, Jesse M.; and Liang, Thomas W., to International Business Machines Corporation Programmable optical interconnect for multi-node computer systems 08488968 Cl. 398-114.
Attalla, Moetaz Ibrahim; Puxty, Graeme Douglas; Allport, Andrew Wayne; Bown, Mark; Yang, Qi; and Rowland, Robert Cameron, to Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Alkanolamines for CO2 removal from gas streams 08486356 Cl. 423-228.
Attwell, Nigel; to Clear Channel Management Services, Inc. Method and system for controlling a scheduling order per daypart category in a music scheduling system 08490099 Cl. 718-102.
Au, Kwong Wing: See--
Busch, Darryl; and Au, Kwong Wing 08487979 Cl. 348-36.
Au Optronics Corp.: See--
Cho, Ting-Yi; Chen, Chieh-Wei; Chan, Te-Wei; Tsao, Cheng-Han; Chu, Kung-Ching; and Chiu, Chung-Yi 08487852 Cl. 345-89.
Li, Yueh-Han; and Hsu, Sheng-Kai 08487538 Cl. 315-185R.
Lin, Huang-Ti; and Lu, Yen-Feng 08488065 Cl. 348-725.
Mo, Yao-an 08487190 Cl. 174-254.
AU Optronics Corporation: See--
Chan, Tai-Ling; and Ting, Chung-Kuan 08485362 Cl. 206-586.
Chen, Yu-Mou; Hsu, Wen-Bin; Chao, Chih-Yao; and Wain, Jin-Ray 08488088 Cl. 349-114.
Lee, Keng-Yi 08485693 Cl. 362-312.
Lin, Hsiang-Lin; and Tsao, Chun-Chieh 08488086 Cl. 349-113.
Liu, Chun-Yen; Tseng, Cheng-Chieh; and Yeh, Chia-Yuan 08487311 Cl. 257-59.
Yu, Chia-Hsin; Liu, Chia-Yang; Huang, Shao-Chung; and Liu, Yao-Chi 08487887 Cl. 345-173.
Aubrey, Leonard S.; to Porvair PLC Method for filtering molten aluminum and molten aluminum alloys 08486176 Cl. 75-412.
Auclair, Brian P.: See--
Ewing, Carrel W.; Auclair, Brian P.; Cleveland, Andrew J.; Maskaly, James P.; McGlumphy, Dennis W.; and Bigler, Mark J. 08489667 Cl. 709-201.
Audenaert, Dominique; Beeckman, Tom; De Rybel, Bert; and Inze, Dirk G., to VIB VZW Activators of lateral root formation 08486863 Cl. 504-289.
Audi AG: See--
Honzen, Matthias; Riedl, Sebastian; and Anton, Christoph 08485143 Cl. 123-41.54.
Reichel, Michael; and Limbacher, Reimund 08489281 Cl. 701-41.
Schuessler, Martin; and Stauber, Alois 08485297 Cl. 180-68.5.
Audience, Inc.: See--
Santos, Peter; Watts, Lloyd; Murgia, Carlo; and Clark, Brian 08488805 Cl. 381-77.
Audran, Stephanie: See--
Farys, Vincent; and Audran, Stephanie 08490028 Cl. 716-51.
Auer, Frank: See--
Koeppl, Benno; Scheffer, Michael; and Auer, Frank 08487592 Cl. 322-59.
Auer, Robert Thomas: See--
Stull, Sr., Gene; Ferri, Lino Gabriel; Auer, Robert Thomas; Russo, Mark J.; and Stull, Jason D0686073 Cl. D9-447.
Stull, Sr., Gene; Ferri, Lino Gabriel; Auer, Robert Thomas; Russo, Mark J.; and Stull, Jason D0686077 Cl. D9-447.
Auerbach, Andrew: See--
Raja, Krishnaswami; Banerjee, Probal; Auerbach, Andrew; Shi, Wei; and L'Amoreaux, William 08487139 Cl. 568-325.
Auerbach, Gadiel; and Levitt, David J., to International Business Machines Corporation Modeling a matrix for formal verification 08489367 Cl. 703-2.
Auerbach, Robert C.; to Candyrific, LLC Novelty hand-held fan and object holder 08485875 Cl. 454-370.
Auger, Pierre: See--
Baril, Daniel; and Auger, Pierre 08485283 Cl. 175-403.
Aune, Joshua: See--
Flynn, David; Atkisson, David; and Aune, Joshua 08489817 Cl. 711-128.
Austen, Matthias; Black, Phillip; Blackaby, Wesley; Danilewicz, John; Linney, Ian; Schreiter, Kay; and Schneider, Martin, to Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH Thienopyrimidines for pharmaceutical compositions 08486953 Cl. 514-260.1.
Austin, Gene Edward: See--
Morgan, Robert L.; Wickham, Mark David; Brady, Peter A.; Janna, Sied W.; Austin, Gene Edward; and Wilson, Darren James 08486070 Cl. 606-62.
Austin-Lane, Christopher E.: See--
Sobotka, David C.; Austin-Lane, Christopher E.; and Eranti, Vijay K. 08489738 Cl. 709-224.
Austreng, Andrew; and Kohl, Cori K., to Coating Excellence International LLC Flat bottom bag 08486500 Cl. 428-34.3.
Authentix, Inc.: See--
Tinsley, Kenneth E. 08487272 Cl. 250-458.1.
Autoliv Development AB: See--
Kühne, Klaus-Peter; and Storfinger, Stephan 08485553 Cl. 280-732.
Automated Solutions: See--
Ormachea, Raymond; and Bailey, Robert 08484821 Cl. 29-283.
Automatic Liquid Packaging Solutions LLC: See--
Ramrakhyani, Arjun; and Karnatz, Steve 08486324 Cl. 264-525.
Automotive Casting Technology, Inc.: See--
Klingensmith, Marshall A.; Ripepi, Mark A.; Bhattacharyya, Rabindra K.; and Burg, James T. 08485401 Cl. 222-590.
Automotive Research & Test Center: See--
Hsu, Tsung-Hua; Chen, Chun-Hsiung; Hsu, Tzu-Chien; Su, Yi-Feng; and Liao, Hsueh-Lung 08489287 Cl. 701-45.
Auxagen, Inc.: See--
Huang, Jung San; and Huang, Shuan Shian 08487006 Cl. 514-615.
Auyer, Douglas R.: See--
Steele, John T.; Guzman, Peter P.; Burchill, Jeffrey J.; Mertell, Martin Murphy; Auyer, Douglas R.; and Keiling, Cheryl M. 08487458 Cl. 290-40B.
Auzanne, Vanessa: See--
Gabriel, Hugues; Auzanne, Vanessa; and Taillades, Alexandre 08489435 Cl. 705-5.
Avago Technologies General IP (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.: See--
Martin, Steven; Goel, Atul; and Buccafusca, Osvaldo 08488813 Cl. 381-123.
McColloch, Laurence R. 08488334 Cl. 361-818.
Murty, Ramana M. V. 08488645 Cl. 372-50.11.
Trott, Gary R. 08487914 Cl. 345-176.
Yi, Robert; and Yu, Paul 08485739 Cl. 385-92.
Avalanche Technology, Inc.: See--
Ranjan, Rajiv Yadav; Keshtbod, Parviz; and Malmhall, Roger Klas 08488376 Cl. 365-171.
Avatekh, Inc.: See--
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